"Ate Up"
"Your Ate Up man"
"He's Ate Up"
"Their Ate Up"
"That's Ate Up"
"She's Ate Up"

"Ate Up" what does it mean? If you have never heard the saying "Your Ate Up Man"  then it will be hard to explain what it means. It is one of those slang sayings that those who lead an exciting life would hear said to them or those who lead a boring life might say to their friends who lead that exciting life. I have been told I was "Ate Up" many a time, more than I could ever count. I have said it to a few friends of mine who came up with unreal ideas or acts as I hung out with them.

I thought "Ate Up" was some old sixties saying. I hear it everyday from kids

"Ate Up" can mean a compliment to those who like to live on the edge. Those who push the envelope of life will take it as a compliment if told they are "Ate Up" by friend or foe. To say
"He is "Ate Up" can mean a compliment or a cut depending on the person saying it and the purpose of the claim. To tell some stuff shirt business man he is "Ate Up" to his face would mean a cut if you were talking about his lack of ability loosen up at a party. To say the same thing to the girl who is the life of that same party would mean a compliment. If you told the President of the United States his foreign policy was "Ate Up" that would mean a negative thing. To tell the same President he was "Ate Up" when it came to his Ability to play the Saxophone would most likely be a compliment.

We at AteUp.com take that same freedom with the saying. One time when we point our journalistic gun someone's way and call them "Ate Up" it may mean a positive thing, a compliment. In another case or context if we tell you that you are "Ate Up" it may mean a negative thing. We may just be telling you that you are full of Bull and hot air. It may mean that you are not making any sense to us at all.

So as you can see "Ate Up" may mean a positive thing or it may mean something negative. We will try to make it clear by putting a + or - sign after the word Ate Up at  the end of our comments.
"+Ate Up" will mean we like it.
"-Ate Up" will mean we think it sucks plain and simple.

Our goal is not to be a site full of skepticism or negativity but to enjoy life applauding the things in life we see deserving our applause and laughing and calling to the carpet those persons, ideas institutions that need to be laughed at, examined, brought to light, exposed, and just made fun of to show the truth to all who have been blinded to it before.

We have the goal to enjoy the search for truth. To expose the truth as well as the non truths in life.
To expose the frauds and have fun doing it. To bring to the light those who deserve the praise of us all.

Life is "Ate Up"!  It is full of joy, sorrow, fun, boredom, excitement, calmness, beautiful, ugly, truth, lies, Love, Hate, Evil and most of all Good.

Check out our thoughts on which came first the "the bad", the" person who judges" those who did bad or the "person who judges the one who did the judging" in the first place.

We found "Ate Up" in the online slang dictionary at this location Slang Dictionary

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